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MiLESEEY Professional Golf Laser Rangefinder (CR2 battery Included)

MiLESEEY Professional Golf Laser Rangefinder (CR2 battery Included)

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Imagine being able to know exactly how far away from the pin you are and pick the right club EVERY TIME with the accuracy of a military sniper.

Now you can INSTANTLY know how far you are from the hole with pin-point accuracy thanks to the MiLESEEY Professional Golf Laser Rangefinder. 

Forget the agony and frustration of trying to learn difficult new tactics...and finally discover the stunningly simple secret behind why the top pros consistently score low on tough courses, under grueling pressure. It does not involve a single minute of boring, repetitive practice!Tap into the hidden treasure-trove of pure, raw and youthful power, balance and consistency that you're currently ignoring and beat the HELL out of your friends on your next round of golf! 


660 YARD DISTANCE WITH 6X MAGNIFICATION - The MiLESEEY Golf Laser Rangefinder can read distance up to 660 yards (600m) making it perfect for even the longest PAR 6 courses. Combine this with 6x magnification and you can EASILY measure your shot every time.

SUPERIOR ACCURACY: Accurate to ± 0.3 yards within 200yards, only MILESEEY rangefinders can meet this high level of accuracy. Most range finders on the market are only accurate to ± 1.0 yards

ADVANCED FLAG LOCK TECHNOLOGY: Unlike other products on the market, the MiLESEEY Golf Laser Rangefinder has advanced flag lock technology. This filters out the flagpole from background objects such as branches and grass, ensuring you you get the most accurate distance reading to the flag every time.

SLOPE-COMPENSATION TECHNOLOGY - For even more accuracy, the MiLESEEY Golf Laser Rangefinder AUTOMATICALLY calculates the slope uphill or downhill along with the distance to the pin so that you can select the right club every time and hit the ball with confidence.

ENERGY SAVING - The battery shuts off after 8 seconds of inactivity to ensure you never run out of battery when you are on the golf course!

ERGONOMIC DESIGN AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Wrapped with soft non-slip environmentally friendly rubber, the MiLESEEY Golf Laser Rangefinder grips firmly in the hand when in use. At just 168g in weight and with dimension of just 110*65*38mm it is super light weight and pocketable.

FDA CERTIFIED - You safety and experience is our number one priority so The MiLESEEY Golf Laser Rangefinder is Class 1 laser and eye safety certificated by the FDA(CFR21).

FREE PROTECTIVE STORAGE BAG - The MiLESEEY Golf Laser Rangefinder comes with a Premium Durable Zipper Pouch and extra hook so that you can easily clip your rangefinder to your golf bag and keep it protected and scratch free.

HIGH GRADE CR2 BATTERY INCLUDED: The MiLESEEY Golf Laser Rangefinder comes with a high grade CR2 battery included. This battery is high drain and can be used for up to 5,000 readings.

MILITARY GRADE PRECISION - MiLESEEY Golf Laser Rangefinder uses the same laser technology found in military grade sniper scopes giving you the accuracy and precision of a SEAL 6 Sniper behind enemy lines. Your golf buddies won't stand a chance!


Unlock the consistency and power of a pro golfer IMMEDIATELY with the MiLESEEY Professional Golf Laser Rangefinder. Golf is just more fun when you have the simple skills to hit accurate, precise and breathtaking shots every time. Think of all the bets you can win and discover why local golf pros are screaming bloody murder about the power of our laser rangefinder. 

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